ARC Security

Our Vision is Ambition

ARC Security B.V.

ARC Security B.V. is an ambitious security company founded in 2021. The company focuses on delivering high-quality security services and solutions to ensure the safety of customers, their projects, and their properties.

With a team of experienced professionals, ARC Security B.V. aims to implement innovative security measures and provide customers with peace of mind in an ever-changing world. The company offers various security services, ranging from physical surveillance to advanced electronic security systems, to provide tailored solutions to its customers.

ARC Black (VIP / Executive Transport)

At ARC Security B.V., you can count on our comprehensive services for executive chauffeurs and executive protection drivers, ensuring safety, reliability, and professionalism. Our drivers meet strict requirements for advanced driver training and possess specialized skills and certifications.

It is worth noting that according to certain risk assessments and studies, up to 85 percent of attacks on prominent individuals occur in or around vehicles. This emphasizes the essential role of security-trained drivers in successful executive protection projects. Road transportation carries significant risks, and our security drivers offer much more than mere transport. While technical driving skills are crucial, this is just the beginning of what a specialized security driver can provide.

Our VisionIs Ambition

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